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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Training and games up to the Manchester National Christian Football Festival

Hi Guys

Following on from our game on Saturday 22nd April, our next game is now not until Saturday 20th May. I shall send out details at a later date, but if you can keep this date free.

Training is also going to start on Saturday 6th May. It will start at 10am at Leigh Fire Station. We intend to finish around 12 noon. It will run every week until Manchester Christian Football Festival in July, excluding those where we have games. There will be less running at these training sessions, and as a result, we also intend to have a mid-week running session. We are unsure of the exact day yet, but this can be discussed at our next training session. Please confirm that you or will not be able to attend training as we dont want to end up with just 3 of us.

The next point is with regards to Travel to Manchester. I know that some of you (namely Martin, Nick & Graham) will not be coming from Southend. For those coming from Southend, please can you confirm if work arranging will allow for you to leave at about 1pm on Friday 21st July? Some people have already confirmed that they will not be able to leave until later, so if you could all confirm the earliest you will be able to leave Leigh that would be excellent.

The last point is payment. Deadlines are fast approaching, and it would be excellent if I could have payment from you guys ASAP. PayPal details were sent on 14 March. If paying by Cheque then please pass to me your manager Alex Todd.

Alternatively cheques could be brought to training on 6th.

Please respond regarding Training & Travel as it helps me plan everything. You can do this by email or phone.

Cheers Alex


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