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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hi Guys

Its getting toward that time of year again where we need to seriously plan NCFF. So far we have a fair few interested people and a couple confirmed on Facebook but by no means a full team. I am going to be coming back from HK especially for this so anyone with a flimsy excuse better think twice!

This year the event will be held at the Fry Club in Bristol, BS31 2UA, with the format very similar to previous years. AIS have again arranged University accommodation this time at Manor Hall, BS8 1BU which is about 20minutes drive from the pitches. As per previous years there is the possibility to use to your own accommodation, including a friends place, a travellodge or camping!

With regards to the Travellodge the closest is Bristol Central Travellodge. You can fit more than one person into a room so that will help. People have said you can squeeze a lot of people in a room but I won't be responsible for them finding out about 15 people in a room though! You need to also consider parking costs! The travellodge is 20mins from the pitch and only a mile from the Uni so not too bad!

For Camping we have been suggested by AIS to use Newton Mill Park ( I can arrange tenting spots but am still waiting to here back on costs. If you are going to have more than one of you in a tent then the costs will reduce! The campsite is about 20 mins drive from the pitches as well but in the opposite direction to the Uni and Travellodge.

The costs will be as per previous years as follows:

Uni for 2 days - GBP95
Uni for 1 day - GBP55
No accommodation - GBP25
2 nights Camping - GBP55 (estimate assuming single player occupancy)
2 nights camping - GBP40 (assuming double player occupancy)
2 nights travellodge - GBP137 (assuming single player occupancy)
2 nights travellodge - GBP81 (assuming double player occupancy)

If you want to have friends/family share tents or a travellodge then this will be at no additional cost but they should not really share at the University as these will be single rooms! There is no harm in friends and family having a seperate room at the University which I could do for GBP45pn. I think a fair few guys may bring girlfriends, etc to watch so feel free

So what do I need from you?

1. Confirmation if you are coming or not
2. Your accommodation preference
3. Details of any friends / family that will come and watch
4. Details of players I missed out

With regards to payment it would be easiest due to geographical constaints for you to use PayPal. Once I know about the above I will send you each an individual link for payment. If you want to pay in installments then that is fine, but a GBP20 deposit will be required by the end of May. If PayPal is going to be a problem then please let me know and I can detail other arrangements.

If you've got any queries then please call be on 07739 189 425. Please remember HK is +7h! Please respond by 10th May at the latest.
PS the festival website


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