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Saturday, May 20, 2006

LRBC FC v Rayleigh Baptist Church FC the re-match

Hi Guys
Well done to day all who played. After a late start due to a Swan on the road just swanning about stopping traffic both in and out of Great Wakering the game was completed with final score of 4 - 3 to RBC FC. Goals on the LRBCFC came from Daren Bird (or was it supposed to be a cross?), another from Alex Todd nicely placed and a beautiful header set up by Greg Taylor for David Elcock (yes I am writing this bit). The game wasn't without it it's incidents as most of the time was spent removing the ball from the ditch with a long stick. However it has put us in good stead to win lots of taky soft toys and goldfish at this summers carnival fair. We know we can do better and will be in better stead when we have our usual keepers back Ricky or Jon S.
Please feel free to add your comments and tips on the game by clicking the comment section below.
Anyway, As mentioned if you were at the game today, we have a rematch against Rayleigh Baptist FC next weekend. The Kick Off is at 10am at Cupids, Great Wakering again and you will all be there for a 9:15am meet to warm up and tactics.
Payment details are the same as usual, so there is a £4 PayPal link sent to you by email, or £5 cash on the day.  Anyone with Manchester money left to pay, that would be appreciated. Just request an email about how much to pay from me Alex Todd.
If you let me know today that you can make it (Mark, Rob, Alex ,David, Darren, Anthony, JP, Greg) then no need to confirm, but can everyone else please confirm both if they can or cannot make the game.
Many Thanks and see you next weekend.
heers Alex


At 3:05 pm, Anonymous Mark the Ringer said...

Just thought Id get the comments section started!

Well done everyone that played, didnt think we deserved to lose at all and hopefully we can put the result right next weekend.

Id also like to apologise for missing an absolute sitter header in the second half when it was 3-2....actually, merely missing wouldnt be so bad, but to project the ball further away from goal then where I headed it from was embarrasing! Id like to offer some excuses, wind, rain, wild geese...but Id have to put it down to excesses of night before, or general incompetence!

Well played everyone though, there was some nice stuff played, and I thought John in particular at the back was looking to pass the ball as a priority.

If we are playing on that pitch again this week, if anybody (Students?) has some time on there hands....why not try to rig up another ball fetching thing so we can have one on both sides of the pitch!

Mark R


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