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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Final training before Manchester

Hi Guys

First things first. Training is on on Saturday 15th July 06, and I expect you ALL to be there. There is so much we need to discuss that this is essential. It will be at Leigh Fire Station at 10am. Anyone not coming along needs a siigned note from their parents!!

Secondly we have travel arrangements to discuss. We are not going to be unable to get a minibus this year, and so we are going to have to travel in seperate cars. I need volunteers to drive really, with the petrol costs obviously being split.

Richard has already volunteered to drive, and will be setting off at 6pm-ish. He can take 4 in his car at a push. I dont have a car so that rules me out. We will need another 2 cars, with at least one leaving at lunchtime-ish, and maybe both then depending on preferences.

Please can everyone confirm ASAP whether they can or cannot drive, and the time they would prefer to leave. If you are getting there by any other means then please let me know.

Thanks Chaps and see you ALL on Saturday. This is with the exception of Martin who is obviously in Manchester and this is just about a good enough excuse.

Your Manager


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