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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

LRBC FC at the Annual Leigh Regatta Mud Football Competition Players Needed!

Hi LRBC FC Conscripts


This email is being sent out from a different person this time. As Alex is off in Hong Kong working hard - this comes from me David Elcock.


Every year we attempt to enter a team into the Leigh Regatta 5-A-Side Football Tournament on the Mud! There are loads of spectators, even if a little messy and a dangerous.... but it is great fun.


So who is up for it? We may be able to enter more that one team if we get enough.


It takes place this Sunday 14th with KO at 2.30pm so we would need to meet at 2pm at the turning circle at the end of the Old Leigh High Street on the Old Leigh Beach.


You would need to bring all your own kit as I am not washing ours covered in Mud - I may provide BIBS though. Shin pads are a must and boots/be they wellies or football boots.


Please, please reply to this email to say YES or NO to coming along. All are welcome - even the ringers.


Feel free to call me with any questions 07967 010261 - would be great to see you all.






Take a look at the site for photos of this year NCFF in Manchester where we came runners up! Yep we are second in the country!


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