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Saturday, March 01, 2008

LRBCFC: Our friends at Rayleigh Baptist Church FC

Hi Guys from LRBC FC
I just wanted to bring to all of our attendtions an accident that happened to a player for Rayleigh Baptist Church FC player in February during a match. Ben Childs, their goalie. Please pray for Ben that he will continue to get better, and that God will restore him to full health. Don't know how to praye or never done that kind of thing before? It's just like chatting to a good friend. Something like.

Hi God.
Please will you help Ben, get fully better.
Thank you that you listen when we ask you stuff and talk to you.
If you want to send any well wishes to Ben (even if you don't know who he is). Send them to me on email and I will write them in a card and send it to him.
Anyway please read the description of what happened kindly sent by Jon Gurel at Rayleigh Baptist Church. It's in chronilogical order - so please see encouraging update at the bottom.
God Bless
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 11:08 PM

just an update on our goalie Ben. After the freak accident (hit the ground with a slight accidental knee in his back) in the game against Tile Kiln he was left unable to move his left side at all (arm and leg). He spent the week in hospital with lots of people praying for him all over the place. He got the slightest bit of movement in his fingers and toes on wednesday although he couldnt feel it at all. This increased slightly each day leading to saturday when with a doctor supporting his weight he took 3 steps. On sunday he was sent home where he is currently recovering ! Praise God !
Please continue to pray though as he still has no feeling in the left side, still has very little movement and still cant walk on his own. He is concerned about his job (part time fire fighter and part time window cleaner (self employed)).
Finally a funny story about the power of prayer. A friend of mine was circulating the prayer request to a load of churches in USA and Zimbawae but somehow didnt get Ben's surname right from my text to him (Ben Childs - he thought it was Ben Smith!!). He circulated the prayer request for Ben Smith which was prayed for in depth on the sunday. On the monday i got a text from him saying Ben had been discharged. I knew this was wrong so checked up and confirmed he was still in there. I checked the surname with him and he discovered his mistake. Apparently a guy called Ben Smiith had been put into the same ward as Ben Childs on the sunday but was released the next day !!! - Ben Smith doesnt even know that he's been healed and we dont know what he was healed of but it seems wierd to have a 1 day stay on a ward ??!!!
Praise our healing God and please keep praying. Thanks so much for your prayers and for your concern for Ben.
Jon and all at Rayleigh Baptist Church
Update: Sent 29th Feb 2008 by Jon Gurel RBCFC

this is mail i sent to all church league on ben earlier this week. I saw him last night and he is now able to walk on his own with a crutch ! praise god ! He doesnt have any feeling still in his left arm or leg at all but the movement is nearly all there now. He just cannot walk upstairs as he cant bend the knee and put weight on it yet but walking on flat surface is generally fine.
please keep praying. Thanks for all your prayers


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