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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

URGENT : NCFF 2007 : 21st & 22nd July 2007

Right Guys
I apologise for being a bit quiet on Manchester recently.  Currently we have some people saying 'Yes', some saying 'No' and, as ever, some saying nothing!  Here are the responses I have had as follows:
Phil Barter
Alan Cook
David Elcock
Alex Goodman
Martin Jones
Phil Jones
Richard Newnham
Rikki Prince
Graham Sexton
Alex Todd
Rob Treanor
Nick Wood
Anthony Bird
Chris Everett
Jon Howley
Jon Pickford
Mark Rothman
Greg Taylor
'No Comment'
Darren Bird
Neil Fraser
Ian Clarke
I was hoping to take 14 players and so there is a little space for some more.  I am presuming that Darren can make it (please confirm ASAP) and then that leaves 2 places.  This is not fixed but just an idea.  I have 2 that may be interested and so will speak to their agents this week.  One may be an international signing!
I really need confirmation of the accommodation required by each of you by the end of the months together with payment in full by this time also.  If you are struggling with the finances then please let me know…do not just ignore it as I will need to make allowances.  The costings are as per previous years:
2 Nights Uni Accommodation      :           £95
1 Night Uni Accommodation        :           £55
No Uni Accommodation              :           £30
The PayPal buttons are at the bottom of this email but you can also pay by Cash or Cheque (payable to Mr A Todd).  You could even bring these along to the game on Saturday!  If anyone would like to come along and not play then this is possible.  The organisers have confirmed that they can also accommodate ladies and well as men and it will cost £80 for the 2 nights stay at the Uni.
I look forward to hearing back from you all (including payment) by the end of the month
Thanks and see you on Saturday
PayPal Button : Two Nights Stay
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PayPal Button : One Nights Stay
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PayPal Button : no Accommodation
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