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Sunday, April 22, 2007

NCFF: National Christian Football Festival 2007: Countdown begins

Hi Guys

I've finally got round to sending out the email on NCFF. As per the last 2 years we will be hoping to send an LRBC FC team again this year. With more and more people interested every year there should not be a problem in us getting a team together.

If I remember correctly we can name a squad of 16 for any game, and 14 can play in each game (i.e. 3 substitutions allowed). This means I am looking for 14 people who want to be involved in every game. If there are people that would prefer to come along and play the occasional game then I would say they count as half a person. This means the ideal situation would be 13 'Full Time' players and 2 'part time' players, but we will see what happens.

The idea will be that preference is given on a first come first served (ish) basis. Obviously those regular members of LRBC FC (be it the Manchester team or otherwise) should get preference. I would also expect that most local chaps will come along to training (both the footbally bits on a Saturday and the mid-week run) on a weekly basis leading up to the tournament (this may be a little difficult for those not in Essex!). Basically, let me know ASAP and come to training!

Right down to the detail. These are as follows:

Date : Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of July.
Venue : Manchester (as ever)
Transport : TBA (no doubt by David and then me when David forgets!)
Costing : As per last year (details to follow)
Money Deadline : 31 / 05 / 2007

The costings will be the same as last year, as follows:

2 nights University stay : £95

1 nights University stay : £55
No Accommodation : £30
Spectators only : £80

We can take as many spectators as we like (male and female) and if they require University Accommodation then the price will be as shown above.

Please let me know ASAP about whether you can or cannot make it and your accommodation requirements. Also please let me know if you would consider yourself full or part time player! Please can you guys also let me know your preferred times for the mid-week run. It will only be 30mins of running and nothing too taxing! I shall send round the PayPal stuff later in the week together with details of paying by cash and cheques!

I will be sending £100 to NCFF tomorrow to save our spot so lets hope we get a team together!



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