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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Football Training - Let's Up The Attendance

Hi Guys
As most of you should be aware we currently have training on Saturday mornings.  This is at the park by Leigh Fire Station from 10am until about 12.
I have made sure that I have got no plans at this time on a Saturday leading up to Manchester so that I can organise the training, and would hope that most of the team will be able to do similar.  Over recent weeks this has not been the case and I hope that following the poor result against Westcliff this will change.
The sessions generally involve some ball and non-ball drills followed by some game related exercises to work on these drills, and finishing with a game.  It is great fun and doesn't involve too much running (see my later email)
Players who are unable to make Manchester are more than welcome.
I trust you will confirm if you are not going to be there this Saturday (23rd) otherwise I will expect everyone to be present.


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