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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Annual LRBC 5-A-Side Tournamet: Blenheim School

Saturday 11 July saw 4 teams:

Ethnic Minorities (Greg's Team)
Sharp Shooters

Take part in the annual LRBC 5-a-Side Footy Tournament. It was a great mornings superbly organised by Jon Pickford to which we express our thanks. Teams played each other twice in 7 minute long games in the groups stages. The eventual final taking place 15 games later between Ethnic Minorities and the Underdogs. The underdogs being the eventual new champions winning 1-0 in normal time.

More photos will appear on this blog soon - so check back. The photo above shows Paul Smith LRBC member and victor in the winning team telling people why his Christian Faith plays such an important place in his life - whereas the Alan Sheerer couldn't be the saviour of Newcastle last season. Paul and many others in the teams have found that a true saviour that fulfills all His promise is Jesus Christ.

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