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Friday, August 21, 2009

2009 National Christian Football Festival - Bristol

Hey Guys

The tournament starts soon and i'm on my way from HK :) There are a couple of things to sort out...

The following owe me cash...
Phil Jones (partial only)
Jon Gurel
Phil Harbage
Bloxham Snr
Bloxham Jnr

The following will meet us in Bristol on Saturday
Phil Barter
Bloxham Snr
Bloxham Jnr
Greg Taylor

The two Jonesies will get the train and meet us in Bristol on Friday.

Then there are two cars
David's Car with only a little luggage room and Phil Harbage, Ross and Jon Gurel travelling with him. I think the intention is to leave Leigh at 6:30pm.

Graham is then also driving and I will go with him. There is room for 1 more and I understand Phil may take me up on that offer.

Directions, etc
We need to be at the venue by 9am on the Saturday, and this must be without exception considering our squad numbers. The venue is Fry's Country Club, BS31 2AU. The university accommodation is at Manor Hall, BS8 1BU

See you all soon
Alex - da Manager



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